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Avocado Cucumber Beet Mango Sushi Roll Recipe

A recent sushi roll ready with out seafood. As an alternative, this sushi roll is made with colourful components reminiscent of earthen beet, candy mango, crunchy recent cucumber and creamy avocado.

Whole Time: 25 minutes
Prep Time: 25 minutes

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sushi roll filling with vegan ingredients

A vibrant and wholesome Avocado Cucumber Beet Mango Sushi Roll so as to add to your listing of must-try sushi recipes.

Vegan sushi lovers and people who do not like uncooked seafood, will take pleasure in this inside out sushi roll.

Avocado Cucumber Beet Mango Sushi Roll Recipe pin cover

Created with Momoko our Japanese meals skilled, this Mango, Avocado, Cucumber, and Beet Sushi Roll recipe is a part of our intensive trendy Japanese meals sequence.

Momoko runs a Japanese sushi restaurant in Goa, and he or she has been making scrumptious sushi rolls from scratch for years.

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📕 What is that this Sushi Roll?

We needed to create a Vegan Sushi Roll, a sushi recipe that anyone may eat, and that is how we got here up with this Avocado, Cucumber, Beet, and Mango Sushi Roll.

This roll is an inside out uramaki roll. Meaning that there’s seasoned Japanese rice on the within and on the skin of the nori seaweed.

Inside out sushi rolls are a few of our favourite sushi and every trendy model relies on the traditional California sushi roll.

That stated, historically, sushi rolls are usually not ready that method in Japan. You get maki (simply rice on the within) rolls in Japan however inside out have additionally picked up on recognition through the years in Japanese cities.

This more healthy sushi roll is ready fully plant-based, meatless and with out uncooked seafoods.

Avocado topped inside out sushi filled with cucumber beet and mango

🍣 Elements

Right here is an outline of what it’s essential get to make this vegetable mango sushi roll.

All US and metric measurements may be discovered with particulars within the recipe card additional beneath.

Avocado, cucumber, beet, and mango make for a healthful nutritious combo. The flavors praise one another and the colours actually pop!

🥢 Topping Concepts

Toppings are very non-compulsory however add to the aesthetics and presentation of your selfmade Veggie mango sushi roll.

We used pickled shredded daikon radish as a topping within the footage. This pickled Japanese radish is also called Takuan however Momoko got here up with a shredded model, and we intend to share a recipe within the coming months.

Vegan topping Concepts:

  • Sesame Seeds – white or black or each
  • Contemporary Herbs – as in cilantro and shiso.
  • Chopped Inexperienced Onion stalks
  • Seaweed Pearls

Seafood topping concepts:

  • Fish Roe – as in Tobiko roe or Salmon roe.
  • Surimi Imitation Crab
sushi topped with pickled daikon

🧰 Gear

You’ll require to get a correct bamboo sushi mat wrapped in clear cling movie (aka plastic wrap), in order that the outer rice layer does not get caught on the bamboo mat.

The cling movie simplifies the method, and it is going to be a lot simpler so that you can roll a good agency roll. Another choice is to make use of a silicone sushi mat.

I additionally advocate chopping the sushi roll with a big 8 or 10 inch Chef knife. Right here it is essential to chop by every slice with a pointy fast movement.

After chopping every slice, wipe your knife on a clear damp kitchen towel to take away extra stickiness. Reducing by the slices shall be a lot simpler that method.

🔪 How one can make it?

I present you in a nutshell right here how this sushi roll comes collectively so that you just get a fast overview.

Please watch our video within the recipe card and skim by the detailed directions within the recipe card a lot additional beneath.

Step 1

Put together your components.

Lower nori sheet into two

Peel and slice the mango, peel and reduce the cucumber into quarters lengthwise and take away the seed core, peel and reduce the Avocado into slices.

Hold cooked or pickled reduce beet and seasoned sushi rice prepared.

Step 2

Place and stick cooked rice on the complete facet of the nori sheet. That is your outer sushi facet.

Flip across the identical sheet and stick the remaining rice on the nori by retaining a 1 inch or about 2 centimeter strip with out rice on the high. That is your interior sushi filling facet.

Step 3

Place the beet, mango, cucumber lengthwise in a line over the rice. This shall be your filling.

Step 4

Rigorously roll the mat in to form a good and agency sushi roll.

Step 5

Place avocado slices over the sushi roll and hold a clear wrap over that. With the sushi mat, press gently all the way down to form the avocado over the roll. The avocado ought to stick on the roll.

Step 6

Place the roll over a chopping board and reduce into 8 (9 or 10) equal giant sizes.

Serve up with or with no topping of your alternative.

💡 Ideas

  • Use solely cooked ready Sushi rice. Japanese sushi rice is a short-grain selection that’s cooked and seasoned with a rice vinegar sugar mix.
  • Wrap cling movie round your sushi mat. The bamboo mat is named a makisu.
  • Stick a skinny layer of rice over your nori sheet. Unfold out the rice, it should not be thicker than a bamboo mat (as a thickness reference) however a good layer.
  • Place the filling in such a method in order that every little thing matches as per the thickness and size of your greens and mango.
  • Slowly roll in holding tight down with each your arms. The roll ought to be tight and never free.
  • Get a big knife to chop simply by the sushi roll
  • Hold a small bowl of water on the facet. Dip and clear your knife after chopping each sushi slice with the water and a paper towel or clear kitchen towel.
Vegan sushi with beet mango cucumber filling

🍴 Serving Concepts

The easiest way to take pleasure in sushi rolls, in my view not less than, is with common skinny soy sauce combined with wasabi paste.

An unconventional ingredient, however equally tasty, as a substitute of soy sauce, is a citrus ponzu sauce.

Sushi is all the time served with pickled ginger slices, which assist clear the palate.

You may additionally select to serve your trendy sushi roll with western-style most well-liked sauces, reminiscent of a Japanese Kewpie model Mayonnaise and Spicy Sriracha Mayonnaise.

As a appropriate facet dish, I can advocate a napa cabbage salad or a kani crab stick salad.

mango sushi wiht vegetables top down view

🍱 Storing

It is best to devour the sushi on the identical day and keep away from retaining it within the fridge for too lengthy, because the rice tends to harden and the rolls might flip boring.

Sushi rolls do not keep their freshness nicely and ought to be consumed proper after preparation.

That stated, you’ll be able to prep your mango and vegetable-filled sushi roll an evening forward to take to your workplace as your lunch the subsequent day.

The recipe does not embody uncooked seafood components and stays good for for much longer in comparison with different sushi rolls.

Simply place the reduce cucumber, beet, and mango crammed and avocado topped sushi slices into an oblong glass container. The glass containers with bamboo lids look nice, and I like to recommend the IKEA ones if you will get them.

Add to the sushi some pickled ginger and soy sauce which may be crammed in small fish formed soy sauce containers (these are my favorites).

💭 FAQs

Why do you employ solely ½ a nori sheet for this sushi?

We reduce the nori sheet in half as a result of the filling is giant and there’s an avocado topping. So, chopping the sheet helps in retaining the sushi roll measurement in test.

How one can make a good sushi roll?

Roll the sushi slowly, utilizing each arms to press down gently and evenly. This stress will assist the components stick collectively, because the sticky rice acts as a pure adhesive. Proceed rolling and making use of stress till you obtain a tightly fashioned roll. Apply makes a grasp!

Why do you wrap plastic round a bamboo mat?

Inside-out sushi rolls have sticky rice on the inside and outside. Including a plastic layer to the mat makes it simpler to roll these sushi variations easily. With out it, the outer components keep on with the mat, making it difficult to create a tightly rolled and well-packed sushi.

Are you able to roll with no mat?

No, this sort of sushi roll requires a sushi mat. If you’re in search of a sushi selection which does not want a sushi mat or a rolling movement, look out for a temaki sushi hand rolls.

Is it fit for human consumption this sushi when pregnant?

Sure, this sushi does not comprise animal components and so long as your components are secure for consumption, you might be good to eat this sushi when pregnant. But, I like to recommend consulting your doctor as a result of everyone has completely different wants.

Avocado Cucumber Beet Mango Sushi Roll Recipe pin image

📖 Recipe

sushi roll filling with vegan ingredients

Avocado Cucumber Beet Mango Sushi Roll Recipe

A recent sushi roll ready with out seafood. As an alternative, this sushi roll is made with colourful components reminiscent of earthen beet, candy mango, crunchy recent cucumber and creamy avocado.


Course: Fundamental Course

Delicacies: Asian, Japanese

Food plan: Diabetic, Vegan, Vegetarian

Prep Time: 25 minutes

Whole Time: 25 minutes

Servings: 1 roll

Energy: 802kcal


Prep Elements

  • Lower your seaweed nori sheet into two. Hold apart, you will want one half for 1 sushi roll.

    ½ sheet Nori Seaweed

  • Lower off one facet of the mango, near the seed core. Peel that facet and reduce the mango fruit flesh into equal sized sticks/items (about ½ inch or 1 centimeter thick). Hold apart.

    3 items Mango

  • Peel the cucumber, reduce off the ends and quarter your cucumber. Lower out the seed core. Hold apart.

    1 quarter Cucumber

  • Lower the avocado into two. Peel the avocado and reduce from the width into skinny slices.

    ½ Avocado

  • Hold cooked or pickled beet prepared. Lower into ½ inch or 1 centimeter thick sticks if attainable. If they’re small items, hold them as is, so long as you’ll be able to place them in as a filling and roll your sushi.

    4 sticks Beet

  • Just remember to have your sushi rice cooked and seasoned as per our Japanese sushi rice directions.

    ½ cup Sushi Rice


  • Place your nori seaweed half on a bamboo mat wrapped in cling movie wrap.

    ½ sheet Nori Seaweed

  • Take ⅔ of your cooked and seasoned sushi rice and stick and unfold it on the nori sheet in entrance of you. Make certain it is unfold out equally in a good skinny layer. Each spot ought to be full of sticky rice. That is your outer sushi roll facet.

    ½ cup Sushi Rice

  • Flip round your nori sheet and place and stick the remaining rice on the nori sheet by retaining an inch or 2 ½ centimeter on the high rice-free. Ensure that it is a good layer sticking on the nori. This shall be your interior sushi roll facet.

  • Match a line of beet sticks subsequent to every, kind of centered on the rice space. You may reduce a chunk of beet to suit it there if wanted.

    4 sticks Beet

  • Place a layer of mango items subsequent to the beets. Match them correctly, and you’ll reduce a mango piece to get the road proper.

    3 items Mango

  • Transfer on with the cucumber by inserting 1 / 4 of a cucumber piece stick over the beet line. If wanted, reduce one other piece from a cucumber and match it in.

    1 quarter Cucumber


  • Take the sushi mat with sushi roll components near your physique and with each arms begin rolling in whereas holding the filling components in place. Then place your sushi mat over the components, rolling and holding tight, in order that the sushi will not crumble later. Please watch my video additional on high to see this in motion.

  • When the sushi mat is over the sushi roll, maintain tight down in order that the rice and filling components stick collectively. The sushi shall be formed into a fantastic roll. That is essential or else your roll will crumble while you reduce or eat it. A superb sushi roll ought to be tight!


  • Place the sushi roll on a chopping board.

  • Take the avocado slices in your hand and unfold them out between every slice. Place the avocado slices on the sushi roll over the outer rice layer on high. Hold far and be sure that every slice is becoming over one other. The avocado topping ought to cowl the sushi roll on high fully.

    ½ Avocado

  • Place a cling wrap rectangular piece over the sushi roll, which is 3 instances the dimensions by sushi width however the identical size because the sushi in size. Hold the sushi mat over that and press and form your sushi roll in order that the avocado slices keep on with the topping and take the form of the sushi roll.


  • Lower the sushi roll into 8 (or 9 or 10) slices. Moist your finger and knife after each reduce and wipe off residues out of your knife with a kitchen towel, that method you’ll get some lovely clear sushi roll slices.

  • Place on a serving platter and serve up together with your favourite topping and sauces. (Please, see submit for topping and serving concepts)


  1. Get for the filling every 1 mango, 1 avocado and 1 cucumber. These are then reduce into half inch or about 1 cm thick sticks. The sticks must be aligned to type the filling, so the amount can differ. The measurements talked about within the recipe are approximate for the cucumber, avocado, and mango. 
  2. Get a mango selection that does not have strings. Commercially out there mangoes within the west are normally with out strings, so no hazard there. Tropical southern locations would possibly promote mangoes with strings.
  3. The beet must be both cooked or pickled. If it is cooked, reduce them into ½ inch or bout 1 centimeter thick sticks. Relying on the size, align and use about 3-5 such sticks. In the event you use pickled beets, reduce or use them in such a method that they match into the sushi roll as a filling (as per video directions).
  4. The Avocado should not be too mushy and over ripe. Choose a spread that’s versatile and never fully ripe but in order that the slices can wrap across the sushi roll as a topping with out breaking up.
  5. Unfold out the rice and use about ⅔ for the outer sushi facet and ½ for the interior sushi filling.
  6. Make certain the layer of rice is sticking on the nori sheet and that it’s a good layer.
  7. Place the filling components so that every is a line from finish A to finish B. Lower components to suit them in if required.
  8. When rolling, make sure that to carry the filling components first together with your fingers. Maintain the roll tight with each arms and roll in whereas urgent down gently. Form the roll right into a spherical roll. Watch my the video and the extra follow you might have the higher you’ll get at rolling in.
  9. Hold a bowl of water on the facet and dip your fingers in it that will help you roll or take away sticky meals residues. 
  10. When chopping your sushi, clear your knife with some water and a kitchen towel between each reduce. This may be useful for those who wrestle getting clear sushi slices.
  11. Serve up as per my suggestions (see submit for topping and serving concepts).


Diet Information

Avocado Cucumber Beet Mango Sushi Roll Recipe

Quantity Per Serving

Energy 802
Energy from Fats 153

% Day by day Worth*

Fats 17g26%

Saturated Fats 3g15%

Polyunsaturated Fats 2g

Monounsaturated Fats 11g

Sodium 25mg1%

Potassium 1406mg40%

Carbohydrates 159g53%

Fiber 17g68%

Sugar 69g77%

Protein 12g24%

Vitamin A 5506IU110%

Vitamin C 191mg232%

Calcium 80mg8%

Iron 3mg17%

* P.c Day by day Values are based mostly on a 2000 calorie food plan.

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