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Danda (Sengol) As Per Scriptures


The exact same Sengol which was handed over to Jawaharalal Nehru to signify switch of energy from British and shall be displayed within the new Parliamentary complicated to be inaugurated on 28 might. What’s it’s significance and it’s origin. Sengol is referred as Danda in Hindi though in its wider connotation it means rule via righteousness and sovereignty. Dand is definitely talked about in Manusmriti, Mahabharat and different scriptures.

Manusmriti 7.15-20 describes origin of Danda. Manusmriti 7.15 says that Parmatma ininitialy created Danda as his son. Afterwards it says Danda as a penalty for use virtuously and with none ulterior motives with whole data of guidelines and rules in an effort to shield them(Manusmriti chapter 7.15-20).

Mahabharata Shanti Parv Chapter 122 describes Danda as that mode which protects the universe and retains it secure by following guidelines and rules as talked about by Devi Saraswati in Danda neeti.

As for the origin of Danda as per Mahabharat, as soon as Brahma Ji determined to conduct Yagya. He carried his womb on his brow for thousand years. As soon as, whereas Brahma Ji sneezed the foetus on his brow fell down. This little one was named Kshup who letter grew to become the Purohit in Brahma’s Yagya.
Now because the Yagya grew to become the prime Karma, Brahma’s Dand vanished. This resulted in lawlessness all over the place. So Brahma went to Shiva. After quite a lot of thought Bhagwan Shiva himself become a Danda (Therefore you may see Nandi within the Sengol as Nandi is also referred to as Shiva avatar as per Shiv Puran). Bhagwan Shiva divided the ability of giving Danda by appointing the heads of various sections like Indra was appointed because the King of Devata.

On completion of Yagya, Bhagwan Shiva handed over the Danda to Bhagwan Vishnu who in flip gave it to Angira Who later gave it to Indra and Marichi. In the long run the Danda landed within the fingers of Manu. That is to avoid wasting Dharma. So the custom continues. the Sengol or Danda custom was additionally practiced throughout the interval of Chola Dynasty and different Kings.

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