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French Gooseberry Jam Recipe

French Gooseberry Jam Recipe


All pure gooseberry jam, ready the French manner with simply 2 components.

Whole Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Prep Time: 25 minutes
Cook dinner Time: 45 minutes

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close up of gooseberry jam

Fantastic gooseberry jam ready the French manner with out synthetic pectin. You will want simply 2 components to make this all pure foolproof jam from scratch.

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📕 What are Gooseberries?

Gooseberries are marble-sized oval-round berries rising on irregular shrub branches native to Europe.

Varieties exist throughout the board, with inexperienced and crimson ones being the most typical Gooseberries bought commercially. Maybe you have got come throughout yellow and purple gooseberries, they’re equally good.

Most have seen veins with an virtually clear thick, however penetrable, pores and skin. Sure varieties are even a bit bushy with tender mini spikes throughout.

The bushy half can be extra widespread in homegrown gooseberries. In German, it is given the title Stachelbeere, which implies spiky berry.

Reduce some recent gooseberries in half, and you’ll discover a handful of nonobstructive seeds and a shiny considerably juicy heart.

Gooseberries style bitter, and you’ll like them if you’re into black, white and crimson currants.

Notice: Indian Gooseberries (Amla) and Cape Gooseberries (Groundcherries) aren’t associated to this Gooseberry selection.

fresh red gooseberries in a bowl

🍯 Jam Components

The essential gooseberry jam recipe calls for two components solely. US and metric measurements are situated within the recipe card additional under.

Here’s what you want:

  • Contemporary Gooseberries – any colour. I acquired inexperienced and crimson ones, you should use purple and yellow varieties too.
  • Sugar – Regular plain granulated sugar

The fruit to sugar ratio is essential!

Sugar helps in setting the jam and gooseberries are wealthy in pectin. Pectin preserves your jam in order that your fruit protect is nice for months!

Taste Variations

I figured, you’d like to experiment and improve this base recipe for gooseberry jam.

You’ll be able to add the next components to your jam through the cooking course of to infuse and add a contact of your personal to the protect.

Different Fruits: You’ll be able to add currants, apple, strawberries, rhubarb, raspberries, blackberries, figs, cherries, plums, kiwi, and apricots to the jam. Dried fruits akin to candy raisins and dates are one other concept. Add half the amount of gooseberries and the opposite half the opposite fruit, or observe a 2:1 ratio.

Herbs: If you’re daring, attempt throwing some recent herbs into your cooking jam to infuse it. Mint, Lemon Balm and Basil varieties complement cooked candy gooseberries.

Spices: A heat contact of spices can take this entire jam to a complete new degree. Watch out with the amount and depth, or you’ll find yourself with a chutney (see crimson currant chutney). I like to recommend including solely one of many following – recent or dried ginger, vanilla, clove, star anise, cinnamon, vanilla, juniper berries.

Flower Blossoms: An underestimated side however flower blossoms add delicate taste notes, and they’re most fitted with gooseberries. Tremendous recent elderflower, violet and even dandelions are really useful.

🔪 How one can make it?

Right here is how this jam comes collectively in a nutshell.

It is a transient strategy to see the method, the complete recipe with US and metric measurements will be discovered additional under within the printable recipe card.

Please watch the video situated on the recipe card to get see the complete course of higher.

Step 1

Rinse your fruits. High and tail your gooseberries.

Step 2

Place entire prepped gooseberries into a big pot and stir in all of the sugar.

Deliver to a rolling boil over your range on a medium-high warmth setting, stirring often.

Step 3

Hold simmering over a medium warmth setting. Watch the gooseberries pop.

Cook dinner till the fruits begin to seem shiny and translucent.

Step 4

Mix the fruit jam with a hand blender (aka stick blender) or in a mixer/meals processor.

Hold the jam on the bottom warmth setting for a minute.

blended gooseberry jam

Step 5

Now take a look at if the jam is ready, that is also referred to as the gel stage. Check with a thermometer or an ice-cold plate (particulars in recipe card and video) to see if the jam is ready.

If set, pour into clear jars. If not set, proceed to cut back over a decrease warmth setting, and take a look at once more if set.

Step 6

Shut jam along with your lid and switch the other way up to create a vacuum. Flip again head up as soon as the jam has cooled right down to room temperature.

💡 Jam Making Suggestions

The following tips will help you in your jam making journey and aren’t restricted generally to this gooseberry jam. You’ll be able to apply them to most jam recipes.

  • Use solely good and wholesome fruits. A spoiled fruit piece can destroy the shelf lifetime of your jam.
  • Don’t add water to your jam as it should cut back the shelf life and beat the aim of jam making. (exception is a stone onerous jam, please see FAQs)
  • Take the jam components to a full rolling boil, then cut back a bit and permit cooking over a medium-slow warmth setting.
  • Stir often in order that the jam would not stick on the backside.
  • Translucent fruits through the cooking course of, is a sign that your jam is sort of prepared
  • Mix fruits to easy or chunky jam, it is as much as you.
  • Watch out, scorching liquid jam can leap out of the pan and burn you!
  • Simply because your jam seems liquid, it does not imply it is not set. Scorching jam is at all times liquid and units when it cools down.
  • Cautious with scorching jam, it burns!
  • Use a sweet thermometer to get to the setting temperature 220 Fahrenheit (ca. 104 °C).
  • It’s also possible to take a look at in case your gooseberry jam is ready by dropping some scorching jam on an ice-cold plate with a spoon in order that the jam cools down immediately. Flip across the plate and watch if the jam is working or setting.
  • As soon as your jam is ready, straight pour the recent jam into clear sterilized jars.
  • Add one other layer of safety to the inside a part of your lid by pouring a excessive proportion of liquor into the lid, akin to vodka, schnapps, or gin. That is non-obligatory.
  • Shut the jars with the lid tight and switch the jar the other way up. This may create a vacuum. As soon as your jam has cooled to room temperature, flip it again.
  • You’ll be able to select to water tub can your jam as per FDA tips (US) however we do not do this in France as a result of it is not crucial.

🧰 Tools

Issues that you’ll want:

  • Jam Pot – I primarily use a tall and massive stainless-steel pot to prepare dinner jam (16 quarts or about 15 liters). My mum has a copper jam cooking pan and that might be the popular alternative. Copper cooks jam evenly and higher, and it is also the normal manner in France to prepare dinner jam.
  • Lengthy-handled Picket Cooking Spoon – It is simpler to stir jam with an extended deal with and with a wood one in order that the warmth would not switch.
  • Broad Mouth Funnel – Simplifying pouring jam into jars.
  • Jam Jars – For the bottom recipe, you will have 3 half pint jars or virtually 4 jars at 230 milliliters.
  • Labels – To mark title and canning date.
  • Warmth-Resistant Jam Jar Tongs – To select up the recent sterilized jars or the jars full of scorching jam.
  • Canning Thermometer – In order that you already know when your jam has reached setting level.
  • A small plate with spoon (non-obligatory) – Positioned within the freezer to chill. Drop scorching jam on the plate with the spoon. That is an alternate technique to verify if the jam has set.

If you wish to add one other layer of preservation to your jam, observe my water tub canning information, and for that, you will have additional gear.

french gooseberry jam in a jar

🍱 Storing

In order that your jam will be saved for a lot of months, ensure to make use of solely clear and sterilized jars. Boil the jars and lids in water to remove germs or place them within the oven, in order that the excessive warmth will kill all germs.

Proper after you might be achieved boiling your jam, pour it right into a clear jar till it reaches the rim, then seal it tightly with the lid. Flip your jam crammed jar the other way up to create a vacuum seal.

Bear in mind to show the jars again upright as soon as they’ve cooled sufficient to deal with. This may stop air bubbles from forming in your jam.

Do not dip a spoon that you’ve already used for tasting again into the jam as a result of that can encourage mildew progress.

You’ll be able to add one other couple of months to your gooseberry jam by water tub canning the jam crammed jars.

Storing jam in a chilly local weather

Discover a cool, dry place away from direct daylight to retailer your jars. I choose preserving them on a pantry shelf.

Retailer your jam within the fridge after unsealing the jar. The jam can be good within the fridge for a couple of weeks.

Vacuum sealed jars will be saved in your pantry shelf for about 10 months. So long as the fruits used have been recent and unspoiled, and the jam was correctly set.

Storing jam in a scorching humid local weather

Should you reside in a tropical scorching humid local weather, retailer your jam at all times within the fridge!

Humidity and warmth, spoil selfmade jam quick.

I reside 6 months of the yr in one of these surroundings and the fridge and AC cooled rooms are your greatest mates on this case.

red gooseberry jam in a spoon

🥣 Concepts to make use of your Jam

We often take pleasure in jam unfold over a slice of bread for breakfast in West and Central Europe. So, that is the obvious manner to make use of up your jam.

But, you might be free to make higher use of it by both including it to different components or dishes.

  • Yogurt – Stir some selfmade gooseberry jam into your plain yogurt and revel in it as a breakfast or dessert.
  • Doughnut filling – European doughnuts are roundish and have jam in them.
  • Cake layering – Particular layered desserts, akin to Torte, can embrace layers of jam apart from whipped cream or different fillings, between the cake layers.
  • Selfmade Sauce – You can use the jam as a sauce with pork meat or fish. Gooseberry sauce with Mackerels is a scrumptious combo!

💭 FAQs

Do I have to high and tail gooseberries for jam?

Sure, it’s essential to high and tail (lower off both facet onerous finish) your gooseberries for this jam. The one exception is in the event you intend to sieve your completed cooked set jam on the finish, as a result of then you may simply skip that step.

Why do not you add pectin sugar to this gooseberry jam?

It is a gooseberry jam recipe from my mom’s french household. Synthetic pectin sugar is not used to make jam in France as a result of it adjustments the flavour and consistency of your jam in an undesirable manner.

Why do not you add lemon halves and lemon juice to your gooseberry jam?

Often, French jam recipes name for lemon juice so as to add a component of pure fruit pectin to assist set the jam. Within the case of the gooseberry, this isn’t required as a result of gooseberries are wealthy in pure pectin and by including lemon juice, you’d find yourself with a really candy and bitter jam. This gooseberry jam recipe is well-balanced by way of flavors so that it’s going to final for months in your pantry shelf.

What is the jam setting level?

The Gooseberry jam setting temperature is 220 Fahrenheit (ca. 104 °C). Use a sweet thermometer to find out the correct temp.

How one can thicken my jam?

Cook dinner your jam till you have got reached the setting level. Test with a thermometer if you’re doing this the primary time. Know that fruit jams seem liquid when they’re cooking or proper after the cooking course of. Whenever you depart it to chill down, your jam will routinely seem thicker. Within the case that your jam has cooled right down to room temperature, and it’s working and never set, take it again to the warmth and let it simmer till it’s set.

Why is my gooseberry jam not turning crimson?

Whenever you prepare dinner gooseberries with sugar to make jam, they’ll flip pinkish and even crimson. That is additionally the case with inexperienced and yellow gooseberries, however the end result can be a light-weight pink hue (which can be completely fantastic). A response takes place between the acidity of the fruits and the sugar, and for this reason they flip reddish pink.

Why is my jam runny?

In case your jam would not solidify correctly, it should have a runny consistency. In case your jam is runny, return it to the warmth and proceed cooking it till it thickens. To find out if it has set, use a relaxing plate. Place a small quantity of scorching jam on the chilly plate and gently swirl it round. The jam will quickly cool, permitting you to evaluate whether or not it stays in a liquid state or not.

Why is my jam stone onerous?

In case your jam occurs to show onerous on account of being cooked for too lengthy, it may be fairly a problem to put it aside. To revive its desired texture, you will want to softly heat up the jam once more, this time with the addition of some water. Permit it to prepare dinner briefly, simply sufficient to loosen the consistency, earlier than fastidiously pouring it again into your jars. Nonetheless, please keep in mind that including water may barely diminish the jam’s shelf life. I subsequently advise having fun with your revitalized jam inside a couple of weeks. That is crucial as a result of the added water wasn’t given sufficient time to prepare dinner and cut back through the preliminary course of.

How one can take a look at if the jam is ready?

You’ve gotten two choices that can be utilized individually or collectively. The primary one is to put a sweet thermometer within the cooking jam and let it attain 220°Fahrenheit/150°Celsius. The second possibility is to take a chilly plate and pour some scorching jam on it, then flip the plate round. The recent jam will shortly settle down and present its true consistency. If the jam is ready, it will not unfold, but when it is nonetheless runny, it is best to proceed cooking and check out the take a look at once more. One other signal of a set jam is when the fruits look translucent or shiny.

Can I cut back the sugar amount on this recipe?

Sugar helps in preserving your jam. Should you cut back the sugar amount, your jam will not final and spoil sooner. The purpose of a jam is to retailer a fruit harvest for a later date, so to protect for the months when the fruit harvesting season is over. Should you determine to cut back the sugar, be ready to devour it inside a couple of months and even weeks.

Gooseberry Jam Recipe pin image

📖 Recipe

close up of gooseberry jam

Gooseberry Jam Recipe

All pure gooseberry jam, ready the French manner with simply 2 components.


Course: DIY

Delicacies: French

Prep Time: 25 minutes

Cook dinner Time: 45 minutes

Whole Time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Servings: 3 half pint jars

Energy: 916kcal


Clear fruits

  • Rinse your gooseberries in clear water. You’ll be able to add a splash of vinegar to your berries in some recent water as this removes impurities and bugs.

    2.2 kilos Gooseberries

  • High and tail your gooseberries. Meaning, lower off every finish of your gooseberries.

Prep Jam

  • Place entire prepped gooseberries into a big pot. Activate the warmth and maintain over a low setting.

    2.2 kilos Gooseberries

  • Pour sugar into the pot over the fruits and stir sugar into the fruits. The sugar will soften with the warmth.

    3 cups Sugar

  • Enhance your range warmth to a medium-high degree and convey to a rolling boil. Stir often.

  • When you get to that rolling boil, cut back the range warmth to a medium setting. Go away the jam to simmer and watch the gooseberries pop. Stir often in order that nothing sticks on on the backside.

  • Cook dinner down till the fruits begin to seem shiny and translucent. This will take 30–50 minutes (relies on the pot, warmth depth and ripeness of the fruits).

  • When the fruits look achieved (shiny, translucent), mix with a hand blender (aka stick blender) or in a mixer/meals processor. You’ll be able to mix it chunky or easy, it is as much as you.

  • Take again to the pot and maintain over the bottom warmth setting for a couple of minutes. It can bubble a bit and that is very it’s essential to watch out that it would not leap up and burn you or that it burns on the backside of the pot. Whereas it is on the hearth, take a look at if the jam has reached the gelling stage, so to say whether it is set.

  • Check setting stage with a thermometer of 220 Fahrenheit (ca. 104 °C) or do the take a look at with an ice-cold plate. Drop some scorching jam on the ice-cold plate. Rapidly attempt to transfer across the jam on the plate to see whether or not it’s working or not. *see notes for rationalization and course of particulars.

  • When the jam is ready, pour it nonetheless scorching into clear sterilized jars virtually as much as the rim.

  • Lock tight with a clear sterilized lid and switch jar the other way up to create a vacuum. Flip it again face up when the jar shouldn’t be that scorching anymore and retailer your selfmade gooseberry jam as per my directions (please see storing directions in submit).


Testing setting stage of jam with an ice-cold plate
The concept is to drop highly regarded jam on an ice-cold plate in order that the jam will get to chill off immediately. You’ll be able to solely see the actual consistency of your jam when it has cooled down. Scorching jam will at all times seem liquid, which will be deceptive.
When the recent jam is dropped on the plate it will get to chill off, and you may see if it is working over the plate. If it is working, it is not set and your jam must prepare dinner additional down till it has reached the proper setting stage. Rinse and repeat till your jam is lastly set.
BUT watch out to not overcook your jam or else it should end up stone onerous and fixing a tough jam is troublesome. If you’re not sure or if you’re making selfmade jam for the primary time, I like to recommend utilizing a sweet thermometer to get the setting of your jam on the proper time.


Vitamin Details

Gooseberry Jam Recipe

Quantity Per Serving (285 g)

Energy 916
Energy from Fats 27

% Every day Worth*

Fats 3g5%

Saturated Fats 0.1g1%

Polyunsaturated Fats 1g

Monounsaturated Fats 0.2g

Sodium 5mg0%

Potassium 663mg19%

Carbohydrates 233g78%

Fiber 14g56%

Sugar 200g222%

Protein 3g6%

Vitamin A 965IU19%

Vitamin C 92mg112%

Calcium 85mg9%

Iron 1mg6%

* % Every day Values are primarily based on a 2000 calorie weight-reduction plan.



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