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God Hanuman isn’t Monkey

God Hanuman isn’t Monkey


Hanuman ji was not a monkey however a Human being
Hanuman Ji is likely one of the eminent personalities talked about in Ramayana. He’s represented with a face like monkey and likewise with a tail. Naturally this doubt will come into thoughts of an inquisitor.
Did Hanuman Ji actually resembled a monkey?
This query is vital as many individuals make mockery of Hanuman Ji by addressing him as ape god.
I began researching about Veer Hanuman in Valmiki Ramayana . I used to be shocked to study concerning the actuality. I’m placing ahead my evaluation for the readers.
Hanuman ji belonged to Vanara neighborhood. The well-known which means of the phrase Vanara is Monkey however the literal which means is one who dwells within the forest and lives on that meals that grows in a forest. So, as an alternative of contemplating him as a monkey why can not we contemplate him as a forest dweller? Evidently the phrase Vanara is misinterpreted. We will additionally perceive this logic with the assistance of one other instance. One other title of mountain is Giri and the individuals dwelling on the mountain are referred to as as Girijan. So, if Girijan could be mountain dwellers than why can not Vanara be forest dwellers? Thus, Hanuman ji was Human not a monkey dwelling in forest.
Aside from Hanuman ji Sugariv, Bali all others are portrayed as monkey with a tail. Whereas their wives are portrayed as widespread ladies with none tail and monkey like facial look. Isn’t it unusual that each one males of Vanara neighborhood resembles monkey whereas all females resemble Human being. We don’t discover any species in the entire world with such distinction between men and women of similar species. So, depicting Hanuman as monkey appears to be a mere creativeness of an artist. This, Hanuman ji was a Human not a monkey.
After assembly Hanuman on Rishimukh mountain in Kishkindha Kand of Ramayana Hanuman is depicted by Shri Rama to Lakshmana.
न अन् ऋग्वेद विनीतस्य न अ यजुर्वेद धारिणः |
न अ-साम वेद विदुषः शक्यम् एवम् विभाषितुम् || 4/3/28
Rama says that the particular person with whom i simply talked was effectively skilled within the RigVeda , have monumental energy to recollect Yajurveda, scholarly information of Samaveda. Any such spectacular and coronary heart touching discuss is unattainable with no scholarly command on Vedic grammar and associated texts. Thus, Shri Rama acknowledged that Hanuman ji was an enlightened scholar of the Vedas. Is it doable for any monkey to achieve such scholarly deal with? No. So, Hanuman ji was a Human being not a Monkey.

  1. In Sundar Kand of Valmiki Ramayana When Hanuman noticed Sita in Ashok Vatika. He wished to converse with Sita. However he was considerate.
    He says
    यदि वाचं प्रदास्यामि द्विजातिरिव संकृताम् रावणं मन्यमाना माम सीता भीता भविष्यति सेमयालोक्य मे रूपम जानकी भाषितं तथा रक्षोमिस्त्रासिता पूर्वं भूयस्त्रासं गमिष्यति ततो जातपरित्रासा शब्दम कुर्यान्मनिस्विनी जानाना माम विशालाक्षी रावणं काम रूपिणम् सुन्दर ३०/१८ , २०
    “If I exploit Sanskrit language like a Brahmin, Sita will get frightened, considering me as Ravana. Definitely, significant phrases of a human being are to be spoken by me. In any other case, the virtuous Sita can’t be consoled. Taking a look at my determine and the language, Sita who was already frightened beforehand by the demons, will get frightened once more.” Sundar Kand 30/18–20
    This reference proves that Hanuman ji was a scholar in Sanskrit. Is it doable for any monkey to achieve such scholarly deal with? No. So, Hanuman ji was a Human being not a Monkey.
  2. Probably the most well-known doubt relating to Hanuman ji is how he flied over the ocean to succeed in Lanka. Some considers that he was all highly effective and blessed with the powers to fly. Some says that he was possessing a flying machine.Some says he used his tail to fly.
    The reply to this question is given by the few shaloks from kishkindha kanda.
    मारुतस्य समो वेगे गरुडस्य समो जवे |
    अयुतम् योजनानाम् तु गमिष्यामि इति मे मतिः || ४-६७-२७
    On this shalok Angad praised Hanuman Ji of his powers and requested him to cross the ocean. Hanuman ji stated “I who am a coequal of Air-god in speediness, and of Garuda in fleetness, can traverse (swim) ten-thousand yojanas at a stretch,that’s my certitude. This shalok proves that Hanuman ji crossed the ocean by swimming. There’s a Hindi proverb havā sē bātēṁ karanā (हवा से बातें करना) which implies anybody who transfer with so nice pace as he’s flying in air. Hanuman ji along with his energy of celibacy crossed the ocean by swimming with excessive momentum. This result in a confusion amongst readers that he was flying moderately than swimming.
    So, this proves that Hanuman ji was a human being with monumental stamina and power. He was not a monkey however a human being.
    There are a number of different cases which proves that the opposite characters of Ramayana like Sugriva, Angad, Jatau, Jamvahan and many others have been people. By logic, true interpretations and evidences from genuine assets we will simply attain this conclusion that
    Hanuman ji was not a monkey however a Human being.
    By Dr Vivek Arya



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