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HHR Information | French Hinduphobia Goes Again To the Time Of Napoleon

HHR Information | French Hinduphobia Goes Again To the Time Of Napoleon


French Hinduphobia Goes Back To the Time Of Napoleon

Even with the newest rounds of bear hugs and handshakes on the purple carpet as Prime Minster Modi and President Macron go yeh dosti mode on Bastille Jail Day without work following a 3 billion arms deal between India and France. The French media and academia nonetheless proceed to deal with Hindus far worse than the hunchback of Notre Dame with their typical imaginary Hindu extremism whereas hiding inside their homes with rioters doing the can-can dance with guillotines proper exterior their smashed home windows. French skilled Christopher TalksALoadOfShitLot was again with typical hinduphobic rants within the media.

After all, this isn’t a generalization of the French public the place even French Hindus like Francois Gautier who has been defending Hindus for many years and calling out these identical hinduphobic racists .

And in addition again in 2005 after HHR protest with a guillotine exterior the French embassy in London, the French authorities did conform to HHR peaceloving calls for on banning footwear with Lord Rama’s footage on them in France.

However the historical past of Hinduphobia and French assist to extremely jihadist fascists goes again in historical past to the time of Napoleon who backed jihadists in India in opposition to these pagan savage Hindus. No marvel Karma is catching up with them presently.

With the discharge of the trailer of Ridley Scott’s new film on Napoleon, we marvel if will we see Napoleon’s assist for Tipu Sultan within the film.

Helping the Jihad

Even earlier than the Revolution the French had been aiding Hyder Ali Khan and his son Tipu in India: who used French arms and navy help to unleash terror and forcible conversion upon Hindus and others. Psychologically there had been a construct as much as this. Comte Henri de Boulainvilliers (1658-1722) used the doctrines of Islam to assault the Church, lauding it as a easy religion which required no want for monks, miracles or mysteries. In his tragedy Le Fanatisme ou Mahomet, Voltaire described Muhammad as an “impostor”, a “false prophet”, a “fanatic” and a “hypocrite”.

As a Deist he was in opposition to monotheism faith on the whole. It’s Voltaire who serves because the bridge between clerical and secular anti-Semitism. However as a deist, this French Enlightenment excessive priest additionally discovered Islam a useful gizmo with which to assault the established Catholic Church. “Écrasez l’Infâme” or “Down with the Accursed One [the Church]” was an expression he typically utilized in his non-public letters. In Islam, Voltaire once more noticed a easy doctrine. In his 1756 Essaie sur les Moeurs (Essay on the Moors) and his entry in Dictionnaire Philosophique, he discovered Islam to be extra according to his deist beliefs, in addition to a useful gizmo to assault Christianity, and Catholicism specifically.

In 1789, Napoleon invaded Egypt to undermine British commerce and hyperlink up with Tipu Sultan in India to thwart British energy on that subcontinent. On 1 July, aboard the ship L’Orient en path to Egypt, he wrote the next proclamation to the Muslim inhabitants of Alexandria:

Folks of Egypt, they’ve advised you that I come to destroy your faith, however don’t imagine it; [tell them] in reply [that] I come to revive your rights, punish the usurpers and that I respect God, his prophet and the Quran greater than the Mamluks.

Inform them that every one males are equal earlier than God; knowledge, abilities, virtues are the one issues to make one man completely different from one other… Is there a extra lovely land? It belongs to the Mamluks. If Egypt is their farm, then they need to present the lease that God gave them for it… Cadis, cheiks, imans, tchorbadjis, and notables of the nation [I ask you to] inform the folks that we’re true associates of Muslims. Wasn’t it us who destroyed the Knights of Malta? Wasn’t it us who destroyed the Pope who used to say that he had an obligation to make battle on Muslims? Wasn’t it us who’ve always been associates to the Nice Lord and enemies to his enemies?

Throughout celebrations of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, Bonaparte himself directed the navy parades for the event, getting ready for this pageant within the cheik’s home sporting oriental costume and a turban. It was on this event that the divan granted him the title Ali-Bonaparte after the Corsican-born chief proclaimed himself “a worthy son of the Prophet” and “favorite of Allah”. Across the identical time he took stern measures to guard pilgrim caravans from Egypt to Mecca, writing a letter himself to the governor of Mecca.

Tipu Sultan was instructed in navy techniques by French officers within the employment of his father, Sultan Hyder Ali Khan of Mysore. Tipu sought assist from the French, who had been his conventional allies, aimed toward driving his predominant rivals, the British East India Firm, out of India. In February 1798, Napoleon wrote a letter to Tipu Sultan appreciating his efforts in resisting the British annexation and plans, however this letter by no means reached Tipu and was seized by a British spy in Muscat. Tipu and his father used their French skilled military in opposition to the Marathas, Sira, and Hindu rulers of Malabar, Kodagu, Bednore, Carnatic, and Travancore.

In 1794, with the assist of French Republican officers, Tipu helped discovered the Jacobin Membership of Mysore for ‘framing legal guidelines comfy with the legal guidelines of the Republic’ He planted a Liberty Tree and declared himself Citizen Tipoo.

The British regarded the link-up of Revolutionary Jacobin forces and Islamic resistance as an especially harmful growth. It was additionally harmful for the indigenous tradition of India. Hundreds of Kodava Hindus had been seized and held captive at Seringapatam, the place they had been forcibly transformed to Islam. The younger males had been all forcibly circumcised and integrated into the Ahmedy Corps.

French-born journalist Francois Gautier wrote additional on this topic in India’s Outlook journal, with hellos The Tyrant Diaries dated 15 April 2013. Within the late eighteenth century Francois Ripaud from north-west France had joined the French navy and ultimately settled in Mauritius. In 1797 he sailed to India the place he met Tipu and provided his navy help. Napoleon had ordered the governor of Mauritius to collaborate and Ripaud was capable of sail to Mangalore with a shipload of French troopers who had been like heroes. In his diary entry of January 14, 1799, he writes:

“I’m disturbed by Tipu Sultan’s remedy of those most mild souls, the Hindus. Through the siege of Mangalore, Tipu’s troopers day by day uncovered the heads of many harmless Brahmins close by from the fort for the Zamorin and his Hindu followers to see.”

In one other diary entry he’s appalled at what he witnessed in Calicut (Kozhikode):

“A lot of the Hindu women and men had been hanged…first moms had been hanged with their youngsters tied to their necks. That barbarian Tipu Sultan tied the bare Christians and Hindus to the legs of elephants and made the elephants transfer round until the our bodies of the helpless victims had been torn to items.  Temples and church buildings had been ordered to be burned down, desecrated and des­troyed. Christian and Hindu ladies had been compelled to marry Mohammedans, and equally, their males (after conversion to Islam) had been compelled to marry Mohammedan ladies. Christians who refused to be honoured with Islam had been ordered to be killed by hanging instantly.”

Ripaud’s account has been corroborated by Father Bartholomew, a well-known Portuguese traveller, in his memoir, Voyage to East Indies In an unbelievable coincidence, each Tipu Sultan and Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte had been defeated by that exact same particular person: Sir Arthur Wellesley, who a number of years after defeating Tipu turned the Duke of Wellington.A bunch of French officers numbering 124, underneath the Command of Michel Raymond, was additionally main a military of 14,000 for Nizam Ali Khan Asaf Jah II, however they had been efficiently countered by British diplomatic intervention. Raymond was the French-born normal accountable for the Muslim ruler’s forces, and an especially shut confidant of the Nizam, affectionately referred to as Musa Rahim.

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