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HHR Information | Video : Gungadin Simp Upset About Scientists Doing Hindu Rituals Earlier than India’s Profitable Rocket Launch

Video : Gungadin Simp Upset About Scientists Doing Hindu Rituals Before India’s Successful Rocket Launch

Jayant Bhandari a typical submissive colonized Hinduphobic Indian who thinks the West wants to attach again to Christ-insanity to advance itself now getting upset about Indian scientists going to the temple a day earlier than as we speak’s profitable launch. True, we should always cease utilizing Hindu numerals as a result of they’re rooted in Hindu symbolism particularly the Zero that’s Nirguna Brahman.. How backward, superstitious, and unscientific is that?

How do these “scientists” discover time to bask in rituals when India’s rocket launch is inside a day? Shouldn’t they be as a substitute going by means of one other checks? What makes them imagine in these rituals? – Jayant Bhandari 



He claims he’s an atheist however sucks as much as Christ- madness

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