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HHR Information | Video : Hindu American Woman Speaks Out In opposition to US Hinduphobic Thinkpol – Thought Police

HHR Information | Video : Hindu American Woman Speaks Out In opposition to US Hinduphobic Thinkpol – Thought Police


Video : Hindu American Lady Speaks Out Against US Hinduphobic Thinkpol – Thought Police

Pushpita right here publically does a significantly better job inside a couple of minutes articulating the Hinduphobic warfare in opposition to Hindus within the US  than all of the Hindu orgs and leaders with their hundreds of thousands of donations have finished in many years. And as she factors out additional the Hindu group goes into some kind of hibernation when beneath assault which is not any shock as when the Hindu ostrich burying its head with turban within the sand mindset is quite common throughout most Hindus even in India itself as its a part of this pseudo-Hindu identification the place Hinduism has been twisted and distorted to simply ‘ignore the issue’ or ‘its all maya/phantasm or karma will handle it as a result of we’re so high-status folks and everybody loves and respects us’…… NOT.

And on this pseudo-Hindu identification is what most Hindus increase their very own youngsters then leads them to be bullied and mocked by others which is why so many find yourself becoming a member of the anti-Hindu facet to maintain secure.

That is why Hindu temples, congregations, and the Indian embassies are repeatedly beneath assault as Hindus are seen as simple targets.
However we by no means see Hindu temples all popping out to boost the hate in opposition to Hindus and Hinduism. They haven’t any displays elevating the persecution of Hindus to the Hindu plenty.

This pseudo-Hinduism is what woke up Hindus want to tug out and criticize when in actuality the true Hindu identification rooted in actual Hinduism is about standing up in opposition to Adharma and even taking full-out motion in opposition to it which is why this hate of Hindus must be raised in all places in public. By now particularly within the US, the temples and their congregations must be out on the streets of their 100s of hundreds protesting in opposition to Hinduphobic hate.

Think about New York Occasions dealing with many hundreds of Hindus protesting proper exterior their HQ for his or her Hinduphobic racism. It will be main information itself and their editorial workforce could be nervous and fearful as a result of after getting the racism label stamped on you then it’s not going no matter what number of brown-faced gungadins it tries to make use of to defend it as a result of it’s rooted in excessive spiritual hate and racism identical to this caste legal guidelines because the US Congressman factors out on the finish of the interview. – hhr

Member of Coalition of Hindus of North America on Hindus in America expressed its worry citing that deep forces are attacking them. Talking to ANI, Pushpita Prasad stated, “The Hindu group has achieved a variety of financial success and that tends to overshadow a few of the very deep forces that at the moment are attacking us.

We’ve seen consulates being attacked overtly and whenever you see a statutory place like a consulate and a diplomat getting attacked, the Hindu American group actually goes into kind of hibernation. As a result of if folks like that may be so overtly attacked, what’s it for us?

And all of us in our communities have self-censored. We’re very cautious once we organise public occasions when now we have temple gatherings, and once we collect to worship. There’s at all times a worry in our thoughts what if anyone exhibits up? And the subsequent CoHNA’s mission is to ensure that Hindu Individuals have a voice wherever we’re, whether or not it’s in our faculties, whether or not it’s our work.” Credit score : ANI

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