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Kanada on gravitational | HINDUISM AND SANATAN DHARMA


  1. Newton mentioned that gravitation is a drive [of attraction].
  2. Einstein mentioned that gravitation is a subject. That’s, suppose you might be in house. If there’s nothing to drag or push you, you shall carry on shifting up or down with none sensation of motion.
  3. While you come close to some star or planet, you may be drawn in direction of it. Why? Einstein mentioned house bends into the planet or star [curvature of spacetime]. It’s “warp”. Ask 4 youngsters to carry a fabric. Drop a heavy ball. What occurs? The ball makes a dent within the fabric and the fabric bends. On this universe, all the celebs and planets have created such bends in spacetime mentioned Einstein, which is named the gravitational subject. Theoretically okay.
  4. The web instance and fabric instance are okay on the earth to elucidate to youngsters. However in infinite house, what’s the materials which bends? Is there any materials to bend? If that materials is there, it ought to be above, beneath, on all sides.
  5. I spoke to a number of professors of physics to know if there was any materials. Two of them have made well-known movies on gravity. They might not clarify what’s that web of Einstein in house. Did Einstein consider gravitational subject like magnetic subject?
  6. We’ve posted Kanâda’s legal guidelines of gravitation earlier. The 5.1 chapter of his Vaisheshika Sutra is a marvellous chapter about gravitation. Kanâda says, if there’s NO pull or push of any kind, a physique falls resulting from its inherent mass [gurutvât patanam, गुरुत्वात् पतनम् গুরুত্বাৎ পতনম ]. In vaccum, subsequently, a heavy ball and feather FALL on the identical time however they don’t fly. Kanâda WAS CORRECT. Kanâda says that if there is no such thing as a inner or exterior drive performing, there’s neither upward or downward motion.[नोदन-विशेषाभावात् न ऊर्ध्वम् न तिर्यग्-गमनम्।]
  7. Kanâda offers the instance of a pestle. When the pestle comes again up, the girl’s arms additionally come up simply due to her contact with the pestle. Motion and Response are equal and reverse, says Kanâda. So Kanâda says, gravity is a type of samskara, inherent in objects. For example, the sideways momentum of the earth. He additionally offers the instance of a sleeping man falling down. [প্রযত্নাভাবে সুপ্তস্যা পুরুষস্য পতনম ]
    Kanâda wants critical examine.

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