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Mrityulata – Dying Vine – Ornamental Terracotta Panel In Bengal Hindu Temples

Mrityulata is a vertical ornamental
terracotta panel in Hindu temples in Bengal. It incorporates a vertical collection of
humanoid and animal figures, every poised to assault the determine beneath. However in
some cases the serial figures usually are not attacking the determine slightly below, however
displayed vertically one above the opposite in a peaceable method. Even very not often
there are copulating human figures too. This justifies the usage of the time period Kalpalata
or Barsha panel as an alternative of Mrityulata for these panels.

Within the Bengali vernacular, there are three phrases related
with decorations of temples in Bengal – ‘Mrityulata’ that means loss of life vine, ‘Kalpalata’
(troublesome to elucidate, roughly “the vine which fulfills needs) and ‘Barsha’
that means ‘lancet’ or ‘javelin’ .

In many of the Mrityulata scenes, we discover that sure
uncommon creatures are engulfing sure different animals like lion, horses and even
elephants and vice-e-versa. Horse riders with arms are attacking animals.
Tarapada Santra has even described the warfare between Kali Sena and Shiva Sena.
These are the widespread phenomena in Mrityulata topic.

Mrityulata scenes are largely located within the vertical nook
projection of temples positioned longitudinally from the bottom to the cornice of

The projections are both triangular or just flat in nineteenth
century temples and have been accommodated largely within the aspect panels like in
Itonda, Dignagar

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