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The best way to Calculate Proportion in Excel

Are you struggling to calculate proportion now and again? Do you should discover a calculator or cell phone each time in the case of the calculation of percentages? Right here’s a easy resolution. You’ll be able to calculate proportion in Excel. It’s a very fundamental activity in Excel.

Finally to search out proportion of the whole information the learner ought to know the method to calculate proportion in Excel. On this weblog, we’ll study the final method for use in Excel sheets which might simply assist calculate the proportion of the prolonged information.

Calculate Percentage in Excel

1. The best way to Calculate Proportion in Excel

Allow us to learn to calculate the proportion in Excel utilizing formulation with some examples moreover.Usually, the method we use to calculate is identical as within the arithmetic i.e = a part of work accomplished/whole work to be accomplished x 100


Concurrently, this method can be utilized in Excel with nuance.

Instance: Let’s perceive enhance our understanding by way of this instance by merely calculating the proportion of travelling bills for the yr 2022.

1.Firstly, we now have to calculate the whole quantity of travelling bills for 12 months by including all. In Excel the method for including is SUM(B4:B15)

Calculate Percentage in Excel

2. Then the following step is to press the enter key after getting into the method

3. Now, calculate the straightforward proportion i.e. individually after which the proportion of the primary month. As just about the picture Column C may have a easy proportion and Column D may have the results of the proportion.

For the month of January, choose the cell of bills B4 dividing it by the whole quantity of expense which is 31200 as in cell B16 multiplied by 100.

Calculate Percentage in Excel

Once more after urgent the enter key, we get the January contribution to that whole month. Nonetheless, it isn’t in proportion kind.

4. Now, use the next method to search out the proportion of a complete and see how it’s totally different from the straightforward proportion.Click on on the enter key. As end result, we are able to see the contribution of the month of January bills from 12 months whole (Whole proportion)

Presently, each the values in Column C and Column D are in decimals reasonably than proportion. We will change it to proportion after we calculate the proportion for all 12 months.

2. Making the denominator absolute

So after we are keen to repair the denominator to calculate the proportion in Excel we now have to make use of a easy method. Moreover, we now have to vary the method by including $ within the denominator row and column as effectively.

So after we insert $ earlier than cell method it’ll repair the proportion.

Right here, $B signifies to not rewrite column and $16 to rows consecutively. The $ signal makes the worth absolute. This one is probably the most essential step. So, don’t skip it even by mistake.We’ll get the equal end result after making the proportion method absolute. Now, make the proportion of whole method denominator too.

Thereafter we are able to see the plus signal that seems on the appropriate draw back of the cell. We will alternatively calculate the proportion in Excel by dragging it until the final month. When you drag, the end result would be the calculation of all of the travelling bills for 12 months.

3. Altering the decimals to proportion

At the moment, we are able to see within the picture that every one the chances in Excel are in decimals for all of the months. We will change it to decimal as soon as in all. It may be completed by merely choosing Columns C and D. Thereafter click on on the house button wherein the P.c fashion seems (%).

When you full the steps as talked about above you’re going to get the end result i.e. you’re going to get all the quantity of Column C and Column D in proportion.

4. Improve or lower decimal values in proportion

If you wish to improve or lower decimal values in Excel as a proportion, you may make the most of the “Improve Decimal” and “Lower Decimal” buttons at the side of proportion formatting. Right here’s how you are able to do it:

Improve or lower decimal values:

Choose the cell or vary of cells containing the decimal values you wish to modify.

On the Ribbon, go to the “House” tab.

Within the “Quantity” group, you’ll discover the “Improve Decimal” (with a “+” signal) and “Lower Decimal” (with a “-” signal) buttons.

Click on the “Improve Decimal” button to extend the variety of decimal locations or click on the “Lower Decimal” button to lower the variety of decimal locations.

Apply proportion formatting:

Choose the cell or vary of cells with the modified decimal values.

Proper-click and select “Format Cells” from the context menu.

Within the Format Cells dialog field, go to the “Quantity” tab.

Within the “Class” checklist, choose “Proportion.”

Specify the specified variety of decimal locations for the proportion if wanted.

Click on “OK” to use the formatting modifications.

By following these steps, you may improve or lower decimal values as a proportion and format them accordingly in Excel.

Fast steps to calculate proportion in Excel:

Additionally examine the video

Right here’s how one can apply this method to calculate percentages in Excel: Decide the worth you wish to calculate the proportion of. Let’s assume the worth is in cell A1.

Establish the whole or the reference worth you wish to use because the denominator. For instance, if the whole is in cell B1, use that cell because the denominator within the method. In an empty cell, enter the method =(A1/B1)*100. This method divides the worth by the whole after which multiplies the end result by 100 to get the proportion. Press Enter to calculate the proportion. You’ll be able to then copy the method to different cells in case you have further values to calculate percentages for.

Keep in mind to regulate the cell references (A1 and B1) primarily based in your particular information association.


  • The proportion is at all times proportion per 100.
  • In case the learner will get the error whereas calculating the proportion, it might probably finally take away utilizing the IFERROR perform.
  • By dividing the numerator and denominator and multiplying its end result by 100 equal to proportion.
  • In Excel, the customers will at all times get the proportion in decimal. Thereafter, it must be modified in proportion utilizing % within the house tab-Quantity.
  • Concurrently, the consumer may also use a shortcut command to vary information into proportion by Ctrl+Shift+%
  • Moreover this, the consumer may also observe improve and reduce decimals to see proportion within the applicable means.

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Beneficial blogs

1. What’s method for to calculate the proportion in Excel?

Ans.=(Half/Whole) x 100

2. The best way to insert the proportion in Excel instantly of the information?

Ans. Choose the information to be calculated.Then Go to House Tab, Click on on numbers after which %.

3.What’s the shortcut to calculate the proportion in Excel?

Ans.Percentages may be calculated utilizing the shortcut key to format a cell to include a proportion worth by choosing the cell, then urgent CTRL+SELECT+%.

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