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Tips on how to do or observe Shravan Somvar Vrat? – Monday Puja and Fasting Process in Sawan Month

Mondays, or Somvar, within the month of Shravan (July – August) is taken into account extremely auspicious for praying to Lord Shiva. It’s believed that the worship of Shiva throughout Shrawan month is 108 occasions extra highly effective than worshipping throughout regular days. Tens of millions of religious Hindus observe the Shravan Somwar Vrat – fasting and performing Pujas on Mondays in Sawan Month.

Shravan Somvar Vrat Dates in 2023

North India

July 10, 2023

July 17, 2023

July 24, 2023
August 7, 2023
August 14, 2023

August 21, 2023

August 28, 2023

Maharashtra – Gujarat – Goa – Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

July 24, 2023
August 7, 2023
August 14, 2023

August 21, 2023

August 28, 2023

September 4, 2023

September 11, 2023

Procedure of Monday Puja and Fasting in Sawan Month

Here’s a temporary process to look at Shravan Somvar Vrat

  • After the morning tub and different purification rituals.
  • Lord Ganesha is first prayed to.
  • Subsequent, Lord Shiva is prayed to by chanting Om Namah Shivaya.
  • The choices which can be made are Bilva leaves, white flowers, water, honey and milk.
  • If in case you have Shivling at residence you are able to do abhishek with water, honey or milk.
  • Fasting on the day is from dawn to sundown.
  • You’ll be able to chant Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra or Om Namah Shivaya on the day.
  • Those that observe quick on Mondays in some areas put on solely white garments.
  • These observing partial quick eat fruits.
  • Some devotees learn the Shiva Purana on the day.
  • These individuals who stay alongside the banks of Ganga use water from Ganga to carry out abhishek on the Shivling.
  • The quick is damaged within the night after praying to Lord Shiva. Some devotees go to a Shiva Shrine in the course of the interval. Some devotees go for a 24-hour quick they usually break the quick on the subsequent day morning.

Purchase and Preserving Issues at residence on Shravan Somvar

  • Bhasma within the Puja space
  • Rudraksha within the Puja space
  • Hold Gangajal (water from Ganga in Kitchen)
  • Sculpture of silver snake (Nag and Nagin) ought to be stored at house is auspicious.
  • Shopping for trishul manufactured from silver or bronze and protecting it in house is meritorious. 
  • Preserving Damaru within the room through which kids sleep will assist in protecting out damaging forces.

It have to be famous that Monday is devoted to Lord Shiva and there are religious Hindus who observe vrat on all Mondays in a yr.

Advantages of Shravan Somvar Vrat

  • Married ladies observe the quick for a cheerful and lengthy married life. 
  • Single ladies observe it for getting good husbands. 
  • Males observe it for a cheerful and peaceable life. 
  • It’s believed that those that observe Somvar vrat can have their wishes fulfilled and might be blessed with knowledge.

Greatness of Shravan Somvar

The greatness of Shravan Somwar is as a result of it’s believed that the Samudra Manthan (Churning of Ocean) passed off on this month and Mahadev Shiva drank the poison Hala Hala to avoid wasting the world throughout this era.

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