Saturday, December 9, 2023

Upset Hindus urge Wales gift-shop to withdraw Lord Ganesha socks & apologize

Upset Hindus are urging Haverfordwest (Pembrokeshire, Wales) based mostly on-line gift-shop “Knowledge Wares” to right away withdraw socks carrying photographs of Hindu deity Lord Ganesha; calling it extremely inappropriate.

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a press release in Nevada (USA) right now, stated that Lord Ganesha was extremely revered in Hinduism and was meant to be worshipped in temples or residence shrines and to not adorn one’s legs/ft/ankles/calves or soak up sweat.

Inappropriate utilization of sacred Hindu deities or ideas or symbols or icons for industrial or different agenda was not okay because it damage the devotees.

Zed, who’s President of Common Society of Hinduism, additionally urged “Knowledge Wares” to supply a proper apology, in addition to withdrawing Lord Ganesha socks.

On-line retailers shouldn’t be within the enterprise of non secular appropriation, sacrilege, and ridiculing total communities. It was deeply trivializing of the immensely commemorated Lord Ganesha to be handled like this; Rajan Zed emphasised.

Hinduism was the oldest and third largest faith of the world with about 1.2 billion adherents and a wealthy philosophical thought and it shouldn’t be taken frivolously. Symbols of any religion, bigger or smaller, shouldn’t be mishandled, Zed famous.

Rajan Zed additional stated that Hindus had been totally free inventive expression and speech as a lot as anyone else if no more. However religion was one thing sacred and makes an attempt at trivializing it damage the followers.

“Knowledge Wares”, whose tagline is “Items from around the globe, Handmade with love.”,  states that “Our socks seek advice from mysticism, beliefs, traditions and experiences.” Its “Hop Hare Bamboo Socks – Ganesha” was priced at £7.95.

In Hinduism, Lord Ganesha is worshipped as god of knowledge and remover of obstacles and is invoked earlier than the start of any main enterprise.

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